The Car

The Car:  Porsche 911; 1977; VIN: 91172 013 82: CCM 2700

The Regulations


The Participants

Peking to Paris 2019 Entry List – Updated 25th March

Start with a beautiful almost factory new US 911 2.7 SC.
Always cleaned and well maintained by a Policeman from Florida.

we need to make some little adjustments, I guess!

Disassembly at A- Works near Munich February 2018

Hope we can get it together, again

Renovation and improvements

Al the Chassis was shot-blasted and informed at the important areas.
The Roll-cage was assambled

All fixtures have been done before painting
I guess, our car becomes really ridged


At the end of many discussions between all the involved people, many samples, brochures and sides we visited, we agreed to this beautiful blue color.

… and none of us could imagine the final result!

still no blue car
wow! what a beautiful result!

Coming home for assambly

we hope the 100 liter will last for a day
no sound proofing at all, we need to save some weight
reinforced axles of a F-Modell
it looks almost like a car

Complete rebuild of the engine

less compression stroke for the low quality gasoline in Mongolia and rebuild of the injection to the carburators

it’s inside

Interior assambly

adjustment of the seating position

Mechanical training

for some weekends we had a real good training at a-Works
we didn’t become pro’s, but we know how to help ourselves.

but we looked like pro’s
we had fun!
we tried all of our tooling and we are sure we don’t have too much with us

Way to the briefing weekend in the Gaydon Motor Museum 17&18 November 2019

The Trip to UK was long, was loud, was cold, because the heating didn’t work
and this little fitting was the only problem we faced during all our test.It stops us in the middle of
the Black-Forest for one night
The GPS Training

Finalising and loading the beautiful Car No. 96

We are starting under Bavarian Flag as the Munich Boys

Shipping to UK from Forch(CH) March 7th.

Thanks to Bruno, we met the other Swiss participants for a wonderful lunch and loaded our cars to the truck.

See you in Beijing

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