Erenhot to camp 1 and further to Ulan-Bator

After the long boarder crossing we had a 200 km long way through the Gobi dessert, that was made on tarmac roads, they have been quite good and Navigating was simple

A really wild race Florian had with a other Porsche from Belgium, difficult to overtake, due to heavy dust

The campsite was really great and we enjoyed the night in the wildlife, even if it was a little cold

Day 4 Camp to Ulan-Bator was the worst since we have started.

On Kilometer 18 our left frontweel fly of at a speed of 100 km/h in the sand and damaged our car, So we had to repair the car for about 2 Hours in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks to the great trading in A-Works, we have been able to do the Job.

Than we had to speed up a little, to reduce our delay.

But a other Flat tire stopped us again for 20 minutes.

Racing was great, but we got a lot of penalties for our delay.

After all this issues we arrived late at the Ghingis-Khan Monument, met some Swiss friends with their Volvo.

Just for Information, they didńt worke in a mine, but repaired their exhaust.


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