Ulanbator, Camp 2, 3, 4 to Novosibirsk

What we are doing here is really driving the impossible!

Sorry for all following us, we are so sorry we didn’t blog, but we have been too tiered and too busy with our car.

After the lost wheel, we go from 1st in class to 13th in class.

Our car was highly damaged, the Break disc was broken, so this reason we drilled a hole inside to stop the crack.
We lost the right shock at the front and have to slow down a bit.

Beside the car issues, we have a great time here, the Camps are perfect organized,

Good food, nice tents and we already made good friends sharing this great adventure.
I have never thought, I could drive such a dirty car, I’m almost sure, there will be no dust and sand in Mongolia, because we are taking all of them with us.

As soon as you take a shower, you are dusty again.

The marvelous thing here is the great landscape, that is changing every some Kilometers, we got so beautiful impressions, pictures in our head, we will never forget.

Lars and the Cigar


Taxi to Bagdad

Will it last?

Where is the street?

Is there any screw left?

Everything is shaking loose even the steering-box, thanks to Derek we are able to go on!

The roll-over friends

Mongolian/Russian Border

Kurt & Derek’s Porsche 912, the California Boys

Car-wash? You can’t imagine the Dust inside

See the name of the Gun, nice toys for the Children

Alexander with the Lada, nearly Home

We are so tiered

Air cooled

The Spider tried to make a short-cut to the Mongolian border

Our Friends with the Aqua Romeo, we could not imagine to see them in Novosibirsk!
Strong Italien Team, keep fighting! Glad you are back.

A lot of Russian fans in Novokusnezk

Fixing our car at Porsch Novosibirsk, thanks to great help from our Porsche friends in Switzerland


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